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OP-CO Marine Ltd

OP-CO: A Legacy of Excellence in Marine Services

In 2022, our directors Alex O'Connell and Tom Puddy founded OP-CO - a marine services company based in Southampton, England. They envisioned a company that would provide real practical solutions to improve shipboard and shoreside operations and services. With an ever expanding range of services OP-CO are the one stop shop for all marine services. As the Superyacht industry has continued to grow in size and volume the service sector has lagged behind, many vessels are now leaving maintenance periods with incomplete work lists and poor experiences. OPCO aims to fill this gap providing competitive work packages anywhere in the world. 



OPCO, are a marine engineering company who offer support in all aspects of marine engineering across the commercial and superyacht industry. We offer service and repair work across multiple disciplines and mobilize large skilled workforce teams experienced with delivering the highest standard of work.  Any task that will fall on your maintenance period worklist we are able to provide, this includes but is not limited to : 

-  Tank cleaning and coating repairs.

- Black and Grey water line cleaning and lining.

-  Engineering equipment services and upgrades.

-  Equipment installation. 

-  Pipework and other fabrications. 

-  HVAC duct cleaning and sterilization.

-  Composite and 3D printed productions.

-  Internal and External paint repairs.

-  Interior touch up and repair work.

-  Outfitting projects.

-  Project management.


A team of highly experienced consultants can assist with a wide range of engineering or operational requests. With experience across the marine industry including Superyachts, Cruise, Offshore and cargo we can adapt our approach to fit with any client service. Our team has a vast experience from concept and design stages of builds all the way through a vessels life and can offer family offices and management teams support ang guidance with any issue.

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